Lamb Rogan Jonny

It was Mr Hangry Em’s birthday last week, and having a curry has pretty much been his birthday tradition since he can remember. Well, we couldn’t go out for one as he had an iso-birthday, so I brought the curry to him. His favourite is a rogan josh, and as a birthday gift to him I will call this a rogan jonny. Happy Birthday, babe. … Continue reading Lamb Rogan Jonny

Emma’s Ragu

It is pretty bold of me to claim this ragu recipe as my own… I am sure there are thousands out there which pretty much follow the same format. However, I will claim this ownership purely on the fact I make this a few times a month and could cook it blindfolded (this is obviously an exaggeration however happy to put to the test if … Continue reading Emma’s Ragu

Leftover Chicken Curry

Sometimes, there are leftovers (although if you live in a house like ours it might be a rarity). Mr Hangry Em and I cooked a pretty beautiful roast chicken for Easter lunch, and held back on devouring the whole thing so we could try and stretch it out for a few meals. Shameless plug here: click here for my roast chicken recipe… guaranteed golden, juicy … Continue reading Leftover Chicken Curry

Wanna Katsu?

Look lads, I am reeeaaallly missing going out to eat. Apparently my prior essential activity of going to restaurants is now deemed as non-essential and this is my struggle (obvs staying at home with gratitude though, and so should you). I have had a particular craving for katsu curry though, a usual go-to when I am sporting a pretty big hangover… it is comfort, carbs … Continue reading Wanna Katsu?

Mushroom Bourguignon (don’t ask me how to pronounce it)

So, how do you say it? Boar-Gin-yon? Bor-geen-yoan? I sincerely apologise to the whole of France for my bastardisation of their beautiful language, really. However you say it, this is certainly a recipe you want to add to your repertoire… absolutely perfect for Sunday’s when you can’t be arsed to cook a roast, and if there are any leftovers they can be reheated (microwaved at … Continue reading Mushroom Bourguignon (don’t ask me how to pronounce it)